Can Exfoliation ever be excessive?


Lotion MC 110

Excessive exfoliation via harsh scrubs, chemical peels can result in an unhealthy, premature thinning of the skin. Thin skins tend to be more reactive, harder to appease and is often a sign of ageing. Choosing the right balance of exfoliation though is a good thing; being a natural phenomenon where the epidermis gets rid of its dead cells, regular exfoliation can boost skin's natural radiance. Seen as the perfect complement to one's P50 / P50T ritual, Lotion MC110 N° 1 is a plumping and renovating booster for the face. Being the only professional booster that can be used at home, it helps exfoliate and purify the epidermis in harmony, regardless of your Skin Instant. Also has an anti-aging action that combats the appearance of the first wrinkles and fine lines, thereby erasing the signs of aging. Hello illuiminated skin!



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