Everything you wanted to know about Quintessential Serums

They come in identical rainbow colors - each one corrects one main particular concern and may have another one or two "by-indications". At a potency of 80% worth of active ingredients, think of these serums as "medicine" for your skin, possessing the prescriptive ability to correct and heal skin. You can also mix them so everyone's cocktail blend is very much your own. Which makes perfect sense - the skin is the largest organ of your body and is inherently complex to treat. Managed poorly, the state of one's skin can erode self confidence and make one look older than she/he is. During our consultation and prescription, we advocate no short-cuts or "one size fits all" kind of serums.
BR serums are also processed cold without any heating element to destroy its actives, making them as fresh, raw and concentrated as you can get them - think the freshest, cold-pressed juices.
Cardinal rules to Serum Mixology 101 is:
1. Understand what the serum treats (main indication and by indication):
2. Know which ones are recommended for use around the delicate eye area:
3. When to layer or mix them. For consistent application and for the whole face, I mix them. Some examples of our blends would be:
If you need to focus on certain areas (for example, cheeks, forehead or chin or T-zone), we find layering much easier to control the amount you use and focus. Some serums cannot be mixed together by virtue of their texture.

As a rule, you can mix the water-based serums together with preferably 3 (max 4) serums. Serums that should be used solo and not mixed are: Serum TEWL, Collagene Natif, Serum Pigm400, Serum Matricial Visage.

4. How many drops should I use per application? If using the dropper:
  • For eyes, we find one 1 drop per eye.
  • For cheeks, 2 drops per cheek.
  • For T-zone, 4 drops.
  • For whole face, about 8 to 10 drops
If using a syringe, this translates to about 3-4ml for a whole face application per use. 

5. Any maximum number of serums I can combine?
  • If mixed together, we recommend 3 serums max 4.Exceeding this will be too rich for the skin.
For best results, we invite you to a detailed skin diagnosis using our Skin Instant Lab - this cuts out any uncertainty about your prescription. If you cannot make it down to our medi spa, do chat with our highly experienced consultants on which serums are right for your skin.

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