Hard truths about ageing - Biologique Recherche Serum Matriciel Visage


As we age, one of the biggest challenges is the changing of a once youthful V-shape face to an inverted V. Yes, we are talking about that gradual "collapse" of our face. Once high cheekbones give way to sullen, sunken ones; facial volume and plumpness of skin diminishes significantly.

Enter #SerumMatricielVisage - a targeted serum with over 10 active ingredients to combat the cruel effects of gravity. This serum intensifies once-lost volume and fills facial features. Personally, I found it to accentuate and prolong the effects of #highintensityfocusedultrasound treatments like Ultherapy or #radiofrequency treatments like our very own X-Lift treatments (using the #ExilisElite or #ExilisUltra machines). What it does is support the lift from these treatments and tones skin. Peony extract and Tetrapeptides (a natural alternative to Botox) are some key ingredients. Remember to take one home today 😘 

Get your Serum Matriciel Visage here.

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