Magic in a mask

"There’s a BR masque for everyone. And any occasion❤️”.

Quipped as the red carpet of masks, Biomagic Mask has an instantly firming and lifting effect. Formulated with white clay, vegetable oils, vitamins A and E, it gives a magical, poreless, glowing toned effect.

Most ideal for oily, acne prone skins BUT here’s how I use it (my skin instant is usually dehydrated and sensitive):
1. On its own - leave on for one minute full face. Wash off and it gives an instant lift, purified without that drying sensation characteristic of  a clay mask . For me, one minute is my sweet spot - anything longer retains the toned effect but is more drying.
2. Multimasking - I mix this with Masque VIP O2 or Creme Masque Vernix or Masque Visolastine+  for a more nourishing, hydrating and oxygenating effect. And when combined, I leave on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Perfect before heading out for that gala dinner.

You can also leave on as an overnight treatment with Creme Masque Vernix but still a little too drying for me. 

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