Masque VIP O2 - the world's most versatile masque

Ever so often, I look at my kids' silky-smooth pore-less skin and wonder in amazement. Youth is Beauty and they have that on their side but thank God, I have my anti-ageing and oxygenating warriors, including the miracle worker Masque VIP O2 :) It's common knowledge that oxygen is good for our skin but do we know why? Oxygenation is key to the health and maintenance of our cells and tissue revival. Our young friends get plenty of oxygen from the environment because skin still works efficiently enough to process ambient oxygen levels. As we age, our skin loses the ability to retain and utilize oxygen for normal metabolic processes. Collagen and elastin tissue regeneration that provides skin's structural integrity are highly compromised. Add to that any habit of smoking, poor oxygen levels lead to sallow, dull, shriveled skin. Masque VIP O2 is a creamy white mask packed with oxygenating and moisturising botanical ingredients to stimulate skin regeneration and restore dull skin back to life.

Too many ways to use it:

1. It's my nightly saving grace - and if I pop it in fridge, it instantly calms and soothes skin (think Masque Biosensible :)).

2. Mix it with Masque Vivant (can be 1:1 or 1: 0.5 ratio ) for an extra detox and radiance effect. The highlight comes when you wash it off after 20 minutes (it's 30 minutes for me whilst on Netflix at night) - no matter what a crappy day I have had, signs of fatigue and stress are erased away. Yes, I like to go to bed looking like a million bucks for the hubs :p

4. Mix Masuqe VIP O2 + Masque Vernix at a 1:1 ratio + few drops of your fave quintessential serums for a pampering night creme. Delish! Thanks to our friend Dr Brendan Khong

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