Post Sculptra - Must Haves

As we age, one of the most obvious signs is the loss in facial volume. Once perky cheeks somehow look more deflated and sunken. Sculptra is a great and natural way to fast track to plumper skin. Think of this as an architectural improvement to your face - unlike the likes of fillers, Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid, a product of cane sugar, to naturally stimulate your body's own collagen production (similar to how fertilizers aid in plant growth) and over time, results are heightened. Done thrice with intervals of between 1-2 months, results typically last 9 months to a year.
With good skincare, don't be surprised to find it lasts even longer. I love Sculptra for the fact that it reduces my skin sullen-ness - almost quite immediately. Hollowing of the temples, nasolabial folds are instantly improved and continue to do so.

Sharing some post-Sculptra must-haves:
1. Lait VIP O2 - you need a creamy cleanser to keep to the 5x5x5 massage commitment - 5 minutes for 5 times for 5 days. Massaging post treatment is crucial in preventing formation of lumps. Use a firm pressure.
2. Lotion P50T - use this only if you are already a P50 user. Best not to attempt a new product right after treatment.
3. Placenta Serum - chose this over my other skin healer Calecim Serum due to small number of injection "access" points for Sculptra - only had 3!. So the healing needed was minimal - Placenta did the trick this time. The more injection points and the more trauma caused to skin, the more Calecim would be needed. Used 8 drops of Placenta.

4. Serum 3R - renews, repairs, regenerates. Rich in antioxidants, hydrates and soothes skin nicely post procedure. Used 5-7 drops.

5. Serum Matriciel Visage - instantly enhances facial volume (similar to what Sculptra is intended to do), lifts, tones and sculpts facial contours.

6. Prime Renewing Pack - love this quick fix mask that gives you that amazing photoshop effect! Its easy to glide texture helped fulfill the 5x5x5 massage regime perfectly.

7. V-Line Lifting Cream - melts into skin, easy to massage in plus it sculpts and refines facial contours.
And that's how I pair excellent products with the beauty of medical innovation. 

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