The art of traveling R-I-G-H-T

Travels are one of the most cherished and privileged journeys; it’s eye opening, allows you to live out cultures you otherwise just read off a book or our phones; forge friendships and create gastronomical memories that last a lifetime. On the flip side, it also disrupts one’s body functions and takes a toll on your skin. Be it time zones, climatic change, air travel (unnatural pressurized environment leaves skin extra dehydrated) and even the hotel air conditioning / heating systems (they can be unknowingly brutal!) - are all factors that wreak havoc to skin.

Over the years, I’ve grown to understand my skin more intimately and to plan ahead. I tweak my routine before every trip to anticipate what my skin instant changes are going to be. While cold + dry climates accelerate the life cycle of a pimple (that was a plus for me), it can also suck every moisture + hydration from your skin. I hand washed a pair of jeans in the room and they were dried overnight (case in point!) - which led me to wonder what the brutality of the low humidity + dry conditions can do to our skin. Thankful for my foolproof arsenal of hydration babies that kept
skin happy, constantly moisturized, protected.

Here's what I brought along - it sounds like a lot but nothing like true skin commitment :)

  1. Lait E.V. - why have I not discovered this super hydrating beauty before? Definitely bringing this for EVERY overseas trip from now on. It keeps skin super hydrated, clean and leaves that magical radiance (akin to Lait VIP O2) upon wash off. I believe it is due to the Cellular Oligopeptide that is responsible for this.

  2. Lotion P50V - this exfoliating lotion packed with all the same essential goodness as P50 is packed with extra vitamins that ensure it hydrates and moisturises dry skin. Hydrating was hugely comforting. I would not recommend it for sensitive skins as its pH is similar to P50 and therefore can be slightly more tingling than P50T or P50 pigm400. But very good for dry climates.

  3. Colostrum serum + Placenta serum + Serum TEWL - I mixed colostrum + Placenta together (8 drops each) and the result was a hydrated yet calming, healing effect on skin. 2 drops of TEWL (it's oil based so not to mix with the other water / gel based serums) therefore to keep my lipid shield healthy and protected.

  4. Masque Visolastine+ - this was my faithful nightly routine - first few days when skin was still hormonal, I mixed this with Vivant for a hydrating + detox effect.

  5. Creme Masque Vernix - an absolute game changer for me. Works exceptionally well when your skin needs it. Packed with tons of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, peptides, the best way to explain the efficacy of Vernix is that it literally forms a protective shield over skin; preventing the harshness of external agressors to trigger reactions. I would up the dosage slightly when skin needs it - extreme cold, dryness, hormonal (and dry), itchy etc. If I could only bring one item with me on a trip, it would undoubtedly be this amazing gel creme that truly protects your skin. There I was standing in the cold waiting in line to get into the Royal Palace of Madrid - with wind gushing at your face, I felt no itch or discomfort; my arms and thighs suffered the embitterment of the cold though - ithcy, red bumps surfaced and I had to use some vernix on those areas to instantly calm skin down.

  6. Biokiss - I forget the days before I met this gorgeous one. Twice a day keeps lips supple, hydrated and intensely soothed. No nasty chapped lips regardless of the climate.

  7. Renovateur 14 - in love with this antioxidant finishing serum that is good for dry skins - think the benefits of Fluid VIP O2 but with added hydrating ingredients like lactic acid + Salmon DNA (this gives exceptional radiance!).
  8. Protection UV SPF 50 - I've found the raison d'être for this highly nourishing and rich sunscreen. It was made for the cold, harsh and dry climate in mind - not entirely suitable for us in the tropics but a saving grace when skin needs it. I used a 50 cent coin size at least and it was magical - glowing, radiant and highly moisturized skin. 
A well thought through skin routine will keep your skin happy, healthy and intensely radiant - just as skin was meant to be xoxo

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