The Importance Of Masking

Other than giving us much needed Me-time, think of masking as a mini-facial treatment. They work to hydrate, purify, detoxify, draw out impurities, smoothen skin and improve the appearance of pores. As a busy mum to 2 young kids under 5, I never seem to have enough time.

That however, does not stop me from my 20 minutes masking routine (almost) every night. I use this time to unwind, pack a generous amount of my favorite Biologique Recherche masques and let its magic work. I'm super practical about this though - often times, I apply my blend of masques in between brushing my teeth and showering so I don't waste any time at all.

One masque at a time may be the norm for most brands but BR completely and utterly defies that norm. Welcome to the beautiful world of multi-masking - only made possible by our favorite French cult brand.

Today, I want to share with you some of my different mask concoctions - the aim is not so much for everyone to minic what I do but to demonstrate the 100% versatility of our masks and how you can create a rock-solid bespoke masque suitable for your Skin Instant. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, Skin Instants are a sophisticated way of describing our skins at a moment in time, affected by hormonal changes, environmental aggressors etc. 

Here are various ways in which I mask:

1. "Neat" nights - once or twice a week, I go neat on my masks. Usually it's my staple Masque VIP O2 (Oxygenating) or Masque Vivant (balancing) or Masque Visaolastine+ (Hydration). On days when I am hit with allergic reactions, it's Masque Biosensible (instant calming).

2. Masque VIPO2 + Masque Vivant - google either of these masques and chances are, you will definitely see this well loved concoction. Think of this as the perfect marriage - yin and yang. Individually they do work - VIP O2 gives radiance, anti-pollution benefits whilst Vivant rebalances, tones, detoxifies and brightens skin. But together, they bring out the best in each other, giving a balanced, clear, bright and radiant skin. I LOVE VIP O2 for the simple fact that it goes so well under eyes and can be used almost every day.

Note, if your skin is already sensitive, VIP O2 can at times worsen the condition. I use it when skin feels "normal", not a tinge of sensitivity; otherwise you may see some unwelcomed guests in the form of tiny reaction bumps. Fear not though, these recations are generally temporary and subside after a while. Not to be confused with the more permanent milia seed - which form as a result of highly rich products and generally do not go away.

3. Masque VIPO2 + Masque Biosensible - I use this combo when reactive skin is on the upturn; still a tinge of redness now and then but nothing more. VIP O2 under eyes with a mix 50/50 of VIP O2 + Biosensible and it gives me that radiance + calming effect.

4. Masque VIP O2 + Masque Visolastine+ - I use this on nights when skin is drier than usual and yet lacking in tone and radiance. I also pack this duo when I travel overseas to cities polluted and with super cold + dry hotel air conditioning. 20 minutes on this revitalises and restores hydration.


5. Mixing with my fave Quintessential Serums

2 ways to do this - either drizzle your cocktail serums into a bowl with the 1-2 squeezes of your fave masque (mine is VIP O2 for this purpose) OR over the masque when applied to face. These are my personal favorite serum blend for mixing with VIP O2 masque. It's like creating my own power-pack masque with fresh actives added to give that extra boost.

Amniotique - great for delivering hydration. 

Oligo Proteins Marines - fab for energizing skin and thereby brightening darkened circles / dull skin tones. Note this is not actually a birghtening serum per se.

Placenta - the best for in the line for healing, lightening of acne scars and overall rejuvenation.

6. Masque Vivant + Masque Bains de plantes - this is my savior for active acne. Both actually purify the skin but think of Bains as mainly that - it's a sebum regulator and purifies skin only. Vivant on the other hand, is a detox and balancing mask as well as a brightening mask - so it does the job of sucking the life of those pimples but it's not the "main indication". Combining both though gives some lovely results and benefits - just make sure you wash it off in 15 minutes otherwise skin does get too dry.

7. Masque Biomagic - thanks to its Kaolin (white clay) ingredients, this is first and foremost a firming and toning masque. But its by-indication is also in purfiying skin. I like to dab a bit on pimple spots (after Creme dermopurifante) and leave it on overnight. Pimple usually subsides the morning after.

One masque. Endless Possibilities 

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