The truth about Biologique Recherche's Finishing Serums

If you are already acquainted with this amazing French cult brand, then chances are you would have heard about the mystic and rather enigmatic "Finishing Serums". These are a special, unique group of serums sharing similar characteristics:
  1. Large molecule size - Finishing serums are not meant to be absorbed into skin as our regular serums tend to do. They were built to sit on top of skin as a protective shield, not allowing external attackers (pollution, free radicals etc) to invade our nicely primed skin.

  2. Sophisticated and complex formulations - They may look tiny but are anything but. Once applied, they quickly and instantly elevate one's complexion a notch up. Brings it up to the next level of finesse. Skin looks that much more radiant, glowing, illuminated, protected.

  3. Less is More - Consistency and finish of finishing serums is a lot "thicker" than quintessential or targeted serums. It's also extremely concentrated packed with 80% actives. Use 2-3 drops (8ml dropper bottle) or 2-3 spritz (30ml spray bottle) for the full face. Layer it on vs pressing/tapping onto skin. Remember they are meant to protect the skin and should form a nice "shield" on skin. Think Stephen King's "The Dome" :)
Boosting a total of 7 non-tinted and 5 tinted serums, here's a concise breakdown of its key functions and when to use them:
  • Silk Plus - a good "basic" hydrating serum that delivers moisturizing (Hyaluronic acid) and soothing (Witch Hazel extracts) effects. But it contains Ethyl Alcohol so it will not be my pick for sensitive/reactive skin.

  • Fluide VIP O2 - restores life and radiance to dull skin. Oxygenating complex, anti-oxidant, anti-pollution properties and silk extracts deliver just the right level of hydration to skin while leaving no heavy residue or finish. Skin is instantly restored to radiance; a great option for those with oily skin tendencies who seek the sheen minus the grease.

  • Renovateur 14 - an antioxidant-rich serum for dehydrated and skin lacking radiance. Packed with moisturising (Prickly Pear Extracts, Salmon DNA) and antioxidant extracts (mrytle, myrrh, onion extracts).

  • Complexe Royal - an elixir for anti-aging and skin lacking radiance. Packed with a high concentration of Royal Jelly known for its regenerative powers and anti-aging extracts (silk extracts, cucumber, Natural Moisturizing Factor).

  • Serum Grand Millesime - a choice one for the first signs of ageing. Think a lite version of "Le Grand Serum". Infused with regenerating actives (mimosa extracts), antioxidants (mryyh, myrtle, onion extracts), moisturising agents (Hyaluronic acid, Cucumber, silk extracts).

  • Serum Yall~O2 - great for dehydrated skin needing an instant volume lift and plumping effect. Packed with moisturizing actives, plumping (2% of Hyaluronic acid actives penetrate into skin to plump it up, similar to how our Second Peau treatment works).

  • Le Grand Serum - the most potent of all forrmulations, this is packed with over 27 actives. Our top pick for anti-aging as it firms skin, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, anti-free radicals. Skin is treated to an instant glow and unparallel radiance and finish. The perfect finale.

  • Serum de Teint - the newest of finishing serums, this range of Skin Perfectors gives a unified complexion, provides natural coverage. Looks like foundation but feels nothing like it - skin is able to breathe freely and perfectly as it should. Long lasting moisturizing effect for 6 hours and shields skin from harmful effects of UV rays, Blue Light, Infrared rays. Non-oily and non-comedogenic, silicon free. Retains similar characteristics of non-tinted serums (its DNA contains 23% of non-tinted serum actives). A great choice for all skin instants. Read all about Serum de Teint in our journal post here.

How to use them:

  1. Because of their high concentration in actives, we recommend using the non-tinted serums on its own and not mixing them.

  2. The exception to this is for Complexe Royal and Renovateur 14 where you CAN use them together for enhanced effects and benefits (sheen + antioxidant rich finish), in 2 possible combinations:
    - Complexe Royal + Renovateur 14 gives a luminous, milky finish (less sheen)
    - Renovateur 14 + Complexe Royal gives a luminous, instant sheen and radiance (more "glass skin")

  3. Use a non-tinted serum first followed by a tinted serum to get the full protective benefits plus a beautiful au naturale coverage.

  4. Once applied, let it "set" for 5 minutes before applying a good SPF sunscreen over it. This ensures the even tone and radiance of the serums remains intact despite a layer of sunscreen over it.

  5. Avoid using a finishing serum immediately after a session of intense, deep exfoliation as the potency of ingredients can be too rich. I also would avoid it on areas which are breaking out. 


Cheat Sheet on Finishing Serums:

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