Vivant will change your life forever

Granted, it may not smell the nicest - in fact, my kids give me funny stares and beg me to wash it off. But this is one of those masques that is definitely for keeps. Biologique Recherche is renowned for "cutting through the noise" when naming their products - nothing cliche or fancy; the names simply reflect what the products does. "Vivant" in French is "living" and thanks to the live probiotic cultures and active yeast, 20 minutes on this brown, slightly sticky masque brings the skin back to life by restoring its natural balance.

Clients with oily and congested skin swear by it but my recommendation is for everyone to have a bottle of Vivant on their vanity top - it brightens, purifies skin and yet is highly nourishing and antiageing. When used 2-3 times a week, skin is always kept youthful and radiant. 

Multi-mask with Masque VIP O2 for an intensely nourishing, brightening and detoxifying effect or Masque Visolastine+ for extra hydration. When skin feels delicate, use Masque Biosensible on areas needing comfort and Vivant / Biosensible for the rest of the face.

How is that for versatility?

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