Biologique Recherche - Masque Visolastine+  <br>   (FOR DEHYDRATED SKINS)

Biologique Recherche - Masque Visolastine+

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"Intensely hydrating and moisturizing when skin is depleted of water".

This mask immediately boosts extended hydration, strengthens and protects skin's barrier from dehydration. Also reduces the transepidermal water loss. Its long lasting moisturizing effect provides a hydrated and comfortable feel to skin all day. Also restores hydrolipic film in skin.

Main indications: Perfect for very dehydrated and matured Skin Instants. Used as part of our Biologique Recherche facials. Good for post BR facials, Ocean Breeze facials and from day 2 of Picosure laser and Plasma treatments.

NOTE: This Product Is Suitable For Pregnancy.

Key ingredients:

  • Hydrating A¬†agents: Plant-based Polysaccharides from Natural Origins, Natural Moisturising Sugar Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium Complex
  • Protective A¬†agent: Vitamin E
  • Lipid-replenishing A¬†agents: Macadamia Nut Oil, Cotton Oil

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