Biologique Recherche - Creme Masque Vernix  <br>  (RECONDITION SKIN)

Biologique Recherche - Creme Masque Vernix

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"An answer to all skin travel woes plagued by dryness, itchiness, irritation, dehydration. This saving grace in a creme uses an intelligent mix of fatty emollients to reproduce the original composition of the newborn’s vernix to recondition, protect delicate skins – a stroke of pure genius if you ask us."

Hailed as a true marriage of science and beauty, Creme Masque Vernix is a revolutionary creme masque that helps recondition the skin and strengthen deficient and stressed epidermis by offering a "second birth"! It replicates the original composition of the newborn's vernix, the first epidermal protective barrier at birth, thanks to a selection of active ingredients rich in lipids, proteins and antioxidant peptides. Also reduces water loss, repairs the DNA of skin cells damaged by UV rays and minimizes the effects of ageing.   

Main indications: Ideal for tired, devitalized skins. Sensitive skins prone to reactions / triggers due to changes in climate (cold, hot, strong gushes of wind etc). Used during our Biologique Recherche Second Peau facials. Use a grain-size of pea-size for whole face as a creme. As a masque, use a thicker layer and wash off with water after 20 minutes.
Good as a masque post Rejuran injectible (used from day 5); Plasma facials or Plasma Micropeel or Skin Renew (use from day 1) as a moisturizer to promote healing and protection of epidermis.

NOTE: This Product Is Suitable For Pregnancy.
Product is NOT suitable for Vegans.

Key Ingredients: 
    • Moisturising and restructuring agents of the barrier function of the epidermis: Cell Oligopeptides, Soya Lecithin, Complex of Ceramides and Omega 6 and 3 from Raspberry Oil, Luffa Oil, Ceramide Complex, Plant-based Squalane, Lanolin, Cholesterol Sulfate
    • Balancing and repair agents: Placenta Extract, Carob Seed Extract, Yeast Extract
    • Protective and antioxidant agents: Antioxidant Tripeptide, Anti-ROS and anti-RNS Antioxidant
    • Product Includes Porcine Extracts and Alcohol (Non-Halal)
      Alternatives when product is out of stock:
      Serum Y'all O2 - protects and hydrates skin. (lighter texture but extra plumping effect)
      Emulsion Gel Biosensible (less intensive but good for sensitive skin)
      Recovery Night Complex (less intensive but good as an overnight treatment to soothe skin)
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