Oumere - The Luxuriant Set

Oumere - The Luxuriant Set

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Note: The Luxuriant Set is currently out of stock. We're working hard with Oumere to make more sets available. Thank you for your patience.

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The only way to achieve age-reversal is with the full OUMERE routine. The Luxuriant Set provides the entire range of OUMERE Skin Care in exclusive deluxe volume bottles so that you can carry out your skincare ritual day and night, without interruption.

The deluxe volume bottles are exclusive to the Luxuriant Set‚ĄĘ and are twice the¬†volume of the standard size OUMERE products

The Luxuriant Set lasts up to 6 months with daily use.

The OUMERE Luxuriant Set comes with all of the components listed below and contains everything that you need for your best skin, both at home and on the go. Your Luxuriant Set comes with the following inside:


    Note: Due to the natural ingredients used in OUMERE skincare, some sediments may be found in some of the products. 

    We ship islandwide within Singapore.

    We reserve the right to adjust prices at any point as required by the principal.

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