AnteAGE® MD Accelerator (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES)

AnteAGE® MD Accelerator (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES)

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"A great light weight moisturizer packed with all the antioxidant rich actives your skin will ever crave for. And we all know antioxidants are key to preventing future photo-damage, cellular damage etc. Think of it as insurance for your skin!"

The AnteAGE® MD Accelerator is a performance-driven formula rich in moisturizers and revitalizing actives. Beta Defensin 3, Bakuchiol, and Vitamin C work to optimize skin tone and texture, while the hose of additional actives nourish and protect the skin.

This unique emulsion carefully controls the slow release of the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and regenerative actives, to support and enhances the Serum previously applied. Enhanced with a non-irritating retinoid-like molecule for maximum anti-aging capability while mitigating the sensitizing potential. It also has a cocktail of micro-nutrients that contributes to long term health of the skin, while giving an immediate glow, deeply hydrates and nourishes skin's protective barrier (reducing the need for an additional moisturizer).

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Supports a healthy skin defense system, barrier integrity and microbiome
  • Reduces the appearance of large pores and balances moisture levels
  • Gently increase skin renewal at the cellular level
  • Defends skin against environmental free radical damage
  • Maximizes the rejuvenating effect of AnteAGE MD Serum
  • pH 6.0

Main indications:
Can be used post-procedure to initiate healing response.

Directions for use:
Use in the morning and evening after application of AnteAGE® MD Serum (Step 1). Massage 2-3 pumps onto face and neck until absorbed.

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