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Freia Aesthetics is proud to partner with renowned French, luxury skin care brand Biologique Recherche. "BR", as affectionately referred to all its millions of fans worldwide, has over the span of 40 years, built a reputation for astounding effectiveness, whilst (deliberately) light on marketing. Using a clinical and 100% bespoke approach to skincare, it boosts a wide range of products, which mean we are equipped to address and solve any skin condition. There are no gender specific nor racial (Asian, Caucasion skins etc) specific products. In the true spirit of diversity, we believe the skin is a universal organ, facing similar challenges – ageing, pigmentation, elasticity, sensitivity, dullness etc.

Today, BR’s treatment protocols and products are represented in more than 70 countries.

About Biologique Recherche formulations:

BR products have highly concentrated formulas (to the tune of 50% or more actives), based on intentionally pure, raw ingredients from a wide selection of botanical, marine and biological origin. Every single product is still manufactured 100% cold – a far cry from today’s manufacture of skincare products where heat is used as the quickest mechanism to formulate products. Heat destroys the antioxidant, vitamins and biologic value of the actives. Cold formulation methods preserves and respects the integrity and structure of the raw ingredients. It takes 5 days for one bottle of the legendary Lotion P50 to be formulated and packaged – case in point.

No artificial fragrances, parabens, silicones or sulpates are added on, to preserve the integrity of the active ingredients and avoid allergic reactions. This also means that certain products may smell more “biological” than others.


Your Biologique Recherche Skincare Routine

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1. Cleansing:

Any good skincare routine begins with a good cleansing ritual. Getting rid of impurities, gunk and debris lays the foundation to layer on all your products. No matter how good products are, you will not gain the optimal benefits of your most expensive skincare if this step is treated lightly or compromised. Always double cleanse. Use Lait U, a gentle cleanser followed by one of our favorites, Lait VIP O2 or twice of Lait VIP O2 to have a clean, clear complexion. 

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2. Tone, Balance, Exfoliate:

Such a crucial step to always prep skin before putting anything else on! For this, the cornerstone of any Biologique Recherche’s skincare routine starts with any of their beloved Lotion P50. BR's unique acid toners are the fruit of 30 years of research and experience. These balancing and exfoliating lotions speed up the epidermis' natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified epidermis can then fulfil its protective functions completely, enhancing the skin's self-regeneration potential. The Lotion P50 ritual is a key stage in all BR skin care protocols. it not only exfoliates, but also purifies, regenerates and balances pH. All Lotions P50 contain a potent combination of AHA, BHA and PHA exfoliants: lactic acid, malic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid and gluconolactone, to act as a chemical exfoliator. As its name indicates, it gently renews the skin over 50 days - "P" stands for peeling and "50" for 50 days (which represents about two epidermal cycles), for a gentle, effective exfoliating process. This magic potion tones, exfoliates, balances, hydrates, purifies, preps skin for a more intensive treatment. Pick the Lotion P50 that is right for your skin. There are 5 variants - P50, P50T, P50 PIGM400, P50W and P50V available in Singapore.

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 3. The Beauty of Masking:

Biologique Recherche takes the excuse out of not masking! Be it the balancing Mask Vivant, oxygentating Masque VIP O2, intensely hydrating Masque Visolastine+, calming Masque Biosensible, energizing Biomagic Mask, brightening Masque PIGM400, you can be sure there is a mask for every Skin Instant. The best part of BR's masques are the ability to multi-mask! It's fine to mask every night but just alternate them so skin never gets "used" to one mask. Read more about multi-masking on our JOURNAL.

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4. Replenish skin with Serums:

These potent, concentrated elixirs form a fundamental part of one's skincare regime. They are light in texture (akin to water!), instantly absorbed (with tiny molecular sizes) and deeply penetrated. Biologique Recherche has pretty much hand crafted a serum for any Skin Instant. Use any targeting serum first - these are Serum PGM400, Serum Erythros, Serum Biosensible, Serum 3R. Wait 1-2 minutes and follow on with your appropriate Quintessential Serums like Oligo Proteines Marines, Amniotique E, Placenta, Splenodermine on top. Mix or layer up to 3 serums at a time. More on our JOURNAL. 

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5. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise:

Don't be fooled with our hot and humid weather and think you do not need a moisturiser. Every skin needs one - from the oiliest to the most dehydrated and parched skin. The trick is to choose the right one(s). I used to believe that we need just one moisturiser - day, night, month long, year long. Whilst a lifetime commitment is a great virtue, I don't think it applies to skincare. I find the best way not to let skin get too comfortable with a moisturiser is to alternate with at least 2-3 variants. Always apply an eye creme like Creme Contour des Yeux VIP O2 (dark circles) or Creme Contour Yeux Et Levres Biofixine (fine lines, wrinkles) first. Followed by your face cream. On some days, your skin may appreciate something lightweight and effortless like Gel ADN SilkGen or Creme VIP O2. For more ageing and dry skins, La Grande Creme or Emulsion Originelle Regenerants or Creme Grand Millisime are great. For blemish prone skin, Creme Dermopurifiante has restored the hydration yet keeping sebum production at bay. And of course, moisturise your neck, decolletage and body. There is no use having a young face with everything else visibly ageing. Apply these with a facial massage for a mini facial at home!

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6. Seal it with a Finishing Serum: 

This is one of the most game changer of steps in your skincare routine, and life changing too. Made up of larger molecues to seal all the layers of products in - think of it as pushing in your products so they penetrate deeper and better into skin. Be it Le Grand Serum, Complex Royale, Fluide VIP O2, these will leave your skin with an airbrushed and beautiful glow! 

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7. Protect Protect Protect:

This may be the last step in any skincare regime but its importance ranks the highest. Block up! Layer on at least a 50 cent size sunscreen before leaving your doorstep. Whether it is a day at the office or on the go or at the beach or the Alps, protect your skin from the harshness of the sun. Like it or not, the sun is the number one enemy for ageing and all its associated problems - skin discoloration, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles etc. In our local Singapore climate, and advised by doctors, a SPF 50 is recommended for adequate protection. Depending on your skin instant and the climate you are in, choose a skin appropriate sunscreen. 

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It may seem like a lot of steps but getting into a solid skincare routine early on will go a long way to preserve skin's integrity.

Combined with the full suite of our luxurious BR facials because you cannot really isolate facials / products, you will truly appreciate the magic and wonders of Biologique Recherche.

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