Biologique Recherche - Emulsion Corps VIP O2  <br>  (FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN)

Biologique Recherche - Emulsion Corps VIP O2

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"Hydrates and protects skin from daily aggressions."

Emulsion Corps VIP O2 is an oxygenating fluid body cream which has anti-free radical active ingredients to help combat premature aging. Its long-lasting moisturising properties stimulates and protects the skin’s natural defenses. Its light, non-sticky texture facilitates its daily application.

    • Moisturizes the skin
    • Limits the deposit and penetration of particulate pollutants on the surface of the skin
    • Oxygenates skin tissue to improve cell respiration
    • Protects the epidermis against everyday urban attack

    Main indications: Ideal for sensitive, devitalized and very dehydrated Skin Instant.

    Directions for use: Apply Emulsion Corps VIP O2 on the body, in the morning and/or evening with gentle ascending massages.

    Key Ingredients: 
      • Moisturizing agents: Hyaluronic Acid, Plant-based polysaccharide from natural origin
      • Oxygenating agent: BR Proprietary Oxygenating Complex
      • Anti-pollution agents: Anti-pollution polysaccharide, Cotton stem cell
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