Oumere - Travel Set

Oumere - Travel Set

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"The perfect starter kit for anyone who desires to try a game changing skincare line."

Sample the entire range with Oumere’s Travel Set.

Oumere's Travel Set contains OUMERE’s No. 9, UV-R, Serum Bioluminelle and Oil Dissolution Theory in 10ml vials. It is the ideal choice for those who travel and for those who desire to sample the OUMERE range.

The vials come packaged in a compact magnetic closure box, making the OUMERE Travel Set perfect for those who want to take their OUMERE Skin Care on the go.

What it includes: 

Note: Due to the natural ingredients used in OUMERE skincare, some sediments may be found in some of the products. 

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We reserve the right to adjust prices at any point as required by the principal.

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