Valmont - Prime 24 Hour  (FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN)

Valmont - Prime 24 Hour (FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN)

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Prime 24 Hour is a silky cream that replenishes the skin's moisture barrier and protects the epidermis with a moisturizing veil. Skin is hydrated, comfortable and protected. Within the "PRIME" series, this moisturiser gives a radiance and glow to skin, thanks to its Salmon DNA key ingredient. The DNA is known as “HP” DNA, meaning highly polymerized. Expertly combined with three essential macro-elements (magnesium, calcium and sodium), this HP DNA became Triple DNA. Chosen for their oxygenation and cell revitalization virtues, these three macro-elements instill in DNA all the potency of the mineral world.

Direction for use: After a serum, apply in light strokes to the face and neck.

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