A dose of pink is what the doctor ordered

The Media is the Message” - sums up succinctly what Calecim Professional Serums are all about. The science behind this cord lining conditioned media is astounding but in short, the balanced mix of proteins directs your cells to think YOUTHFUL again. If there is one serum you want to take home post ANY sort of aesthetic procedures or to give skin a new lease of life, it's this pink serum. Lightweight, calming, healing and all so potent. At 80% concentration of actives, it's no wonder why this serum is a cut above the rest by reducing recovery time by half the normal time.

Why does it work? Aesthetic procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion and ablative lasers to remove surface irregularities and pigmentation requires creating injuries to the skin. Patients initially look like they have emerged from a fire, but they generate fantastic results — if the inflammation is short, the patient heals fairly quickly. When inflammation persists, not only is the patient’s downtime prolonged, but excessive healing responses are activated which may result in scarring, hypo- and hyper-pigmentation.” Dr. Mitchell Goldman.⠀And this is at the core of why this dose of pink is your saving grace immediately and in the days right after procedures OR on a daily basis for an overall skin rejuvenation.

Give us a chance to #resetyourskinin28days .

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