Freia Glow Miles Programme

Freia Awards Boutique is a rewards programme that helps you collect redeemable Glow Miles towards your future purchases. 


Our Rewards programme allows you to earn points (Freia Glow Miles) for certain actions such as creating an account, making purchases etc.

Why Freia Glow Miles? And Why You Should Sign up

We are all on a journey to attaining that beautiful, natural and make-up free skin. Our mantra is to let every client wear their skin like its best foundation and we walk the talk :)

For a summary of the redeemable bestsellers, click on REWARDS BOUTIQUE under the 'REWARDS' navigation. You will be able to see all the products and/or treatments available for redemption and the number of points required:


Select the product you would like to view - you will see the number of Glow Miles required to redeem this product in the description and/or the drop down selection (boxed in RED):


Once you are SURE of what you would like to redeem, click on the 'CLAIM REWARDS' button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen:

You will come to this main page where you will be able to view the number of Glow Miles you have left:

To view past products you have redeemed before, click 'YOUR REWARDS' :

To redeem your reward, click 'All rewards' and select your choice. You will be able to see the list of rewards once you click into 'Ways to redeem'.

How Our Programme Works — Follow These 4 Steps To Get Started


Start by creating an account with us and instantly earn 100 miles!


Understand which actions on the site grant you miles - birthday month rewards, each time you spend with us, etc.


Start accruing your miles - note that for every S$1 you spend on our site, you earn 1 Glow Mile.


Decide when you want to REDEEM your miles - every time you reach a tier to "unlock" your reward, you choose whether to redeem your reward then or to continue accruing it to unlock the next reward.

Once a reward is redeemed, any balance points just continue to accrue.



Reward Points Minimum Spending For Redemption

For certain rewards, you may be required to have a minimum spend to redeem the gift. These will be stated on the 'Spending Rules'.

Rewards Menu

In the true spirit of rewarding our loyal clients, the rewards menu is curated to give clients diversity in choice. The management reserves the right to change the selection of rewards at any time, without informing our customers.

The different tiers to unlock a reward and the value of the reward will largely stay unchanged (and if altered, will likely be of a higher value) but the choice of rewards may vary depending on availability etc.

Please make an enquiry with regards to the products that you may want to redeem. Redemption of rewards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for other products or points.

We seek your kind understanding in this matter.

Rewards As Gifts

"It is more blessed to give than to receive" and we cannot agree more. If you want to redeem your reward as a gift for someone, we will be happy to accede to your request.

Simply add a note in the 'INSTRUCTIONS' upon check out or drop us a WhatsApp at 9109-1574 and we will package your redemption as a present.



Note: You receive email notifications each time your balance changes when you either earn or unlock your rewards, as well as any point expiration notifications.