Which facial best complements the sought after Rejuran (Baby Skin) treatments?

I get this question a lot from clients - to answer this, we need to be clear what Rejuran does and why it has been making waves with fabulous reviews in Korea and Asia in general. Rejuran is in essence, Salmon DNA ;which utliizes Polynucleotide (PDRN) (i.e. DNA in short) for skin healing and collagen synthesis. Key benefits include:
  • improvement in Melasma,
  • reduction in pores & redness,
  • re-texturization of skin (think baby soft skin!)
  • lightening of dark eye circles
  • overall rejuvenation
  • smoothening of acne scars

How does Rejuran work?

In simple terms, Rejuran teaches our cells to "think young again" by regenerating damaged tissues and creating healthier skin. Rejuran can be used for the whole face (Rejuran Healer), eyes (Rejuran-I), acne scars (Rejuran-S). The difference between the 3 is in the concentration / formulation; with much thought put into what the skin needs most at that particular area / concern, for maximum results.
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Rejuran I for example is a more diluted concentration / watered down version of the Healer; specifically developed for the eye area. Our skin is extra delicate and thin so too much (concentration) can be counter-productive. The needle used is shorter, thinner and with precision and skill, dark circles banish, hallowing around the tear trough associated with ageing restored, skin strengthened, capilliaries less fragile.
With what Rejuran does and this in mind, of the extensive suite of facials at Freia Aesthetics , we feel Microneedling is probably one most complementary to the mesmerising draw of Rejuran. 

Here's why: 

Microneedling sends skin into a state of controlled injury which induced skin to mobilize a lot of growth factors. This renews the skin and stimulates production of new collagen, amongst its slew of other benefits such as repairing acne scars, reducing appearance of fine lines etc. It also opens tiny micro channels that enhances absorption of all the wonderful serums. When combined with Rejuran which is salmon DNA extract, it has been shown to prompt skin into a heightened state of rejuvenation. We feel this gives you the best of both worlds :)
At Freia Aesthetics, we have curated 3 stunning treatments featuring microneedling; using the most luxurious brands and slightly different protocols:
  • Freia Aesthetics Facial Experience - featuring Future Cosmetic's most potent serums and a concoction of your own bespoke treatment serums. Instantly brightening, skin renewing and a wonderful and instant skin boost.

  • CellRewind Treatment - featuring Calecim Serum. Resets skin renewal back to 28 days, the "ideal" skin renewal duration. Delivers immediate hydration, radiance and ultra soothing.

  • Valmont Royale (NEW!) - featuring Valmont's Salmon DNA-based serums and cult favourite Regenerating Mask. One of the fore-fathers of the use of Salmon DNA for anti-ageing properties, this heightens Valmont's reputation for anti-ageing remedies. Exclusively available at Freia Aesthetics

      When should I time my microneedling facial?

      While there is no hard and fast rule; we feel it's best for Microneedling to be done before Rejuran or a few days after for optimal results. Either way, both treatments enhance the efficacy in the other.

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