Profhilo - Is it just a senseless hype or is it possible to look 5 years younger (naturally)?

Having done Sculptra and Rejuran before, I wondered what benefit Profhilo would bring. My skin was relatively good, well maintained for a 44 year old. But being the skincare junkie that I am, I was intrigued by this "injectable skincare". It engaged 100% pure, unadulterated hyaluronic acid (32mg of high molecular weight and 32mg low molecular weight) - yup, that's about 5 times more HA than your average skinboosterBy stimulating the production of 4 different types of collagen and elastin from within, it will emit the slow release of hyaluronic acid, which improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles without the increased risk of inflammation and lumps in the skin.

profhilo treatment

With 5 precise injection points on each side of the face, the pain factor was practically a walk in the park, compared to say Rejuran. Happy to report no tears were shed - it was likely a 2 or 3/10. Highly tolerable. Placement is everything in Profhilo, with the desired end point in the mid-dermis & a slight pointy "lump" right after the micro injections. Being in this "mid zone" optimally allows Profhilo to "melt" like butter (so there is no risk of lumps, no need to massage) and fans through to the dermis (thus causing collagen stimulation) & to the epidermis (which gives that glowy radiance & sheen). 

Profhilo "bio-remodels" your skin & skin laxity, elasticity, overall texture & impeccable hydration can all be felt within days, to be honest. Akin to a 3-1 in what skin boosters do (hydration), Rejuran (skin texture & radiance) & Sculptra (deeper into the dermis to lift & stimulate collagen). It doesn't give the same extent of what the individual injectibles do but I love it for its balanced, holistic effects. Skin just looks..... more youthful - like you went back in time. Given the simple fact that it delivers the right / perfect kind of hydration to your skin, it's a wonderful treatment in between other treatments like laser, Ulthera, injectables because what you have is a better "skin canvas" to work on and bring out the best in any other treatment. Profhilo is quite unlike any other.

To accentuate the results of Profhilo (2 sessions a month apart will last 6-9 months), here are some key picks of what to use - because maintenance is just as crucial:

  • Calecim Serum - promotes healing from the micro injection points. This pink serum is always a skin treat for me - a booster in itself. Use 2-3 pipettes twice a day.

    Calecim Serum

  • Colostrum Serum - this plumping, ultra hydrating serum improves skin elasticity, increases hydration & yet is incredibly light-weight. A must have post Profhilo. Use 6 drops twice a day. If skin is younger or more sensitive, opt for the soothing but hydrating Amniotique Serum.

  • HA Boosting Serum - this is a lovely serum that boosts of hi & lo molecular weight HA. Glides like a dream, absorbs quickly, leaving a silky finish.

  • HA Intensifier - a hydrating boosting serum that kick starts your skin's HA production, prevents its loss & replenishes it. Love that it can plump up your under eyes & lips. Use one full pipette twice a day.

  • Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment - this targets 3 levels of hydration while retaining its lightweight, comfortable texture on skin. One pump will keep your post Profhilo skin adequately nourished, moisturised, comfortable all day & night.

    Skinbetter Science Creams

  • Creme ADN Elastine Marine or Creme Splendide - I like to alternate between these 2 brown creams which work to reverse the signs of aging. ADN is more "universal", stimulates collagen; Splendide works best to lift, tone & firm up the facial contours.

  • Serum Yall-O2 - possibly one of my most enjoyable finishing serums, 2 pumps of this instantly plumps, fills in volume loss & penetrates into the skin to push it up, giving skin an amazing boost & radiant finish. One of the best serums to complement your Profhilo experience.

    BR Serums


Given the comfort level, no downtime & instant, growing results, I found myself booking my second session right away & possibly a 3rd one in a couple of months' time. It's a no-brainer and a clear re-purchase! :)

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