About Rosacea - "the Curse of the Celts”

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects over 45 million people worldwide, and though is not life-threatening, the sporadic red flashes from certain triggers can be a nuisance. If not treated early, with time and age, patients can start to suffer from skin thickening of the nose, chin, cheeks and broken blood capilliaries.

To treat it, we should understand how to avoid Rosacea flares. The sooner we know what these triggers are, the better to avoid and prevent the onset. Usually a fairly sensitive and weak skin structure, common triggers include sun, heat, irritants, stress that cause vasodilation and skin flushing. 

As someone who battled with sensitive skin for years, here are some personal skincare tips on how to manage the progression of this common skin disease:

  1. Sensitive skin warriors - use Soothing Cleansing Gel or Oil Dissolution Theory to gently yet effective cleanses skin without stripping moisture. Wash off with cold water. Keep Cocoon Elixir handy to spritz off any impending triggers (heat, cold, dryness of air etc). Beauty Drops No.1 constricts blood vessels and instantly calms and reduces redness. Moisturise and savour immediate reflief with the gamechanger in Cream Extreme No.1e - it not just alleviates discomfort but fortifies skin.

  2. Sun protection is key to flaring up sensitive skin. Use physical blockers like Physical Fusion UV Defense or Beyond Sun Protection to quell additional irritation.

  3. Opt for a medical laser like Dual Yellow Laser to effectively reduce visible dilated blood vessels. Yellow light is absorbed by blood vessels and the heat causes telangiectasia to collapse without collateral damage to surrounding healthy skin.

  4. Strengthen skin from within with brightly coloured, non-citrus fruits and vegetables.

So there - with a bit of effort and the right knowledge, we can manage Rosacea / sensitive skin before it spirals out of control.

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