The Crystal Tomato difference

We are inundated with beauty supplements that promise clear, bright, radiant skin. But did you know that Crystal Tomato (proudly founded in Singapore) was the original makers of this once-a-day capsule that so many crave for.  This explains why I'm usually all jitters when I realise I’m out of my stash of Crystal Tomato! A sigh of relief once it’s replenished. While this is not a replacement for sunblock, it does a whole lot to bring skin back to a fairer, clearer and more radiant state; from within. Made from pure #whitetomato , it is the colourless carotenoids that are responsible for lightening and brightening of skin and is #clinicallyproven to inhibit and reduce #melanin formation. I’ve tested other #whitening supplements that “promise” to deliver similar results but all I can say is, your skin knows the difference. Mine is an overall improvement in complexion, skin tone and laxity within 2-3 weeks and I love it for its continued effects. I pop one capsule just before bedtime or in the morning on a relatively empty tummy. Have yet to have experienced this effect from any other brand. You rock Crystal Tomato!
Experience the Crystal Tomato difference for yourself!

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