The hype about Valmont's Prime Renewing Pack


If there is ONE product I cannot live without, it would undeniably be the mask-cream Prime Renewing Pack from Swiss cult skincare Valmont. This daily balancing treatment cum anti-ageing mask first made its splash in 1984 and quickly built a loyal cult following.

In 2014, the formula was upgraded with Lipsomed RNA (to activate cells, rebalance skin's hydrolipidic film) and an exclusive blend of Peptides + Cocktails (to stimulate microcirculation TWICE as quickly as #retinol does). No matter how tired or fatigued skin feels, this instantly restores any loss of radiance, tones and reveals skin's natural glow. Amazing would be an understatement. I'm big on alternating my serums and cremes (strong belief that one should give skin a jump-start now and then) but the craving when I run out of this brilliant white cream (which exudes a scent of calmness and freshness, reminisent of pure waters flowing from the Swiss Alps) is akin to me not using my Lotion P50Pigm400 for a day. On days when I use Prime Renewing Pack as a mask, I apply a thick layer and leave on for 20 minutes. Give a good facial massage for about 2 minutes and wash off. I assure you ANY skin will be instantly restored to suppleness, radiance and smoothness, minus any greasiness. I also apply a thin layer as a night cream after serums and the next morning, I'll be sure to have gorgeously #dolphinskin greeting me in my mirror.

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