Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream

Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream

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Reduces pigmentation spots caused by sun exposure. Use whole face; with focus on spots. 

Crystal Clear® is a remarkable cream that is used in the treatment and management of skin spots and imperfections of a melanic origin. In a recent clinical trial that includes a combined therapy (Crystal Tomato® supplement + Crystal Clear® Skin Clarity Cream) conducted by the National Skin Centre Singapore, on melasma patients, 76.5% benefited from improvements of over 25% after 56 days.

And after 84 days, 53% showed more than 50% improvements in the MASI (Melasma Area Severity Index) scores. What’s more remarkable is that 95% of patients tested had previously been unable to attain the desired outcome despite being treated with the industry ‘gold standard’ triple therapy.

Key Ingredient: Tyrosinase Inhibitor Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Rumex Occidentalis extract


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