REJURAN® - Recover Soothing Sterile Mask

REJURAN® - Recover Soothing Sterile Mask

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"Soothing sterile mask (zero bacteria!), great for skin healing and recovery post treatments with PDRN actives"

REJURAN® Recover Soothing Mask
 uses patented sole technology to help heal and calm stressed skin, shrink pores, strengthens the skin's barrier, and recover and improve the skin fundamentally.

It is infused with a serum enriched with Algae, which helps delivers the hydrating formula to your skin. Upon application, the innovative mask delivers an instant soothing effect to the skin. The algae sheet itself, is turned into a gel form when it contacts moisture. This mask is Sterile which means it has ZERO bacteria, so you can be assured of its safety and efficacy.

  • Power that algae have to overcome powerful currents in the sea, containing algae mucous and Fucoidan components.

  • Triple skin soothing effect with Panthenoland Allantoiningredients along with Fucoidan.

  • The 7-layered hyaluronic acid with low, medium, and high molecule complex moisturizes the skin throughout all the layers, without any missing spots.

  • Sheets sprayed with algae form a deep moisturizing shield on the skin.

  • Build confidence in using the product with the sterilized sheet fabric.

  • Contains soothing cooler components that give the skin instant cooling sensation.

Comes in a box of 5 sheet masks.

Directions for use: 
After cleansing and toning, apply and adjust the mask to the contours of your face. Place gently on the face after procedures for skin-soothing purposes.

Key ingredients:

  • Fucoidan
  • 7-layered Hyaluronic Acid
  • Panthenol/Allantoin

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