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Biologique Recherche's first tinted serum arrives - how does it stack up?

I'll be honest - the only foundation, Blemish Balm creme, make up primer I have tend to last forever (subtext: hardly been touched). Staying true to not wearing foundation, pressed powder or concealer on regular days, I do use foundation for photo shoots, dinner events and special events. But here's my perennial dilemma, while I enjoy the "flawless" look, a lot of them tend to make me look too porcelain-like; too "perfect"; and unless I add on a high-lighter, it almost somewhat "dulls" my complexion. Plus my skin never felt it could breathe wearing foundation; and if anyone NEEDS to breathe, our skin, being the largest organ of my body, does!
After a long-awaited 3 years of research and development, my favorite French cult skincare brand Biologique Recherche has tested, innovated and created the first tinted skincare serum, Serum de Teint.
Here's a run-down of what it is and what it isn't:-
What it IS:
  1. It's ultimately a SKINCARE serum (not make up); a perfect combination of skincare performance and an ideal skin tone adjustment. It is silicone free & non-comedogenic so pores are not clogged up (hooray!).

  2. Within a Biologique Recherche regime, Serum de Teint is a FINISHING serum; up there with the likes of "regular" finishing serum cult favorites Fluide VIP O2, Serum Yall O2 etc. Used AFTER quintessential serums and cremes, you can use ione pump after 2 spritz of the regular / "standard" finishing serums or in its place.  I still love the effect of my finishing serums so I personally use this AFTER. "Standard" finishing Serums have 80% active ingredients which makes them super high performing; Serum de Teint contains 23% actives and a blend of natural coloured pigments.

  3. Comes in 5 shades (No.1 to 5) - they all contain natural pigments Red (Oxyde Iron), White (Titanium dioxyde), Black (Magnetite), Yellow (Hydroxyde Iron) but the difference lies in the proportion of each colour that determines the shades. Some may ask if 5 shades are diverse and inclusive enough - but as with most Biologique Recherche products and how the brand inspires the mixologist in us, the good news is the shades can be mixed and blended to suit your skin tone. Majority skin tones will fall somewhere in between 2 shades (mine are No. 2-3) so you can actually blend it to your own bespoke shade.

  4. Exceptional Protective properties - Extract of butterfly bush flowers, Anti-Pollution polysaccharide: anti-pollution ingredients provides skin with a barrier against 3 types of pollution: atmospheric, UV, and domestic (chemicals).

  5. Great Moisturizing effects - Prickly pear seed oil delivers more than 6 hours of hydration to skin, this has been quite a game changer and why it is skincare and not just make up.

  6. Unifying properties - the coverage is quite subtle but it does the job to even out skin tone, conceal appearance of pores, blemishes or spots. The film former properties acts at the surface by strengtheing the hydrolipidic film, thus stopping water from evaporating whilst letting skin breathe! It fills in micro-cracks that form between cells on the epidermis, to achieve a smooth, even complexion. It will cover micro-injection points (Rejuran, Sculptra, Botox, Plasma etc whilst delivering skin benefits), some acne scars & even out skin tone to give it an airbrushed, luminous glow.

What it is NOT:
  1. Contains no SPF - so you do need SPF protection ideally OVER Serum de Teint. Some prefer using sunscreen below but as an advocate for the importance of sunscreen, please remember that if you use a physical sunscreen, it sits on top of your skin and does not penetrate your skin; hence if you put something else over the sunscreen, the sun protection is inevitably compromised. Applying sunscreen does not alter the final effect of Serum de Teint BUT the trick is to allow a few minutes for that "finished" effect to kick in first, before applying sunscreen. And please, apply ENOUGH sunscreen to get that full protection as stated on the cover. For those of you who have asked me why there is no SPF in there, this is my personal take: understanding the philosophy of the brand, incorporating SPF would probably have compromised the function of the other benefits. And as many Biologique Recherche lovers would attest, the concept of "HALF BAKED" does not exist in the Biologique Recherche vocabulary - it's all or nothing :)

  2. Not a concealer - the natural coverage is excellent for mild blemishes, skin imperfections, injection marks, post skin tag / milia seed removal (more similar to foundation which evens out our complexion) but it is not going to give the same coverage as you would expect from a traditional concealer. I personally the coverage is enough - you ultimately want skin to breathe and not compromise skin health over a temporary coverage :)
How to use it:
After P50, Serums, Cremes, regular Finishing Serum, I squeeze 50:50 of No. 2 and 3, give it a nice blend and apply all over skin. I use my fingers to dab and apply on clean skin but you can also get a make up brush for this. You can also blend it in a different proportion (30:70 or 10:90) to better suit your skin tone or seasonal changes.
Use this at the END of your regime but before SPF sunscreen.
How to use which shade suits me:
Get a Skin Instant Lab (SIL Tone) to gauge your individual blend.  This gives the best diagnostic means to ascertain skin tone at 6 specific points so we decisively know which shade(s) suits you, taking the guesswork out of skincare.
Can I sleep in it since it is skincare?
The short answer is No. Just like SPF should be cleansed off when we sleep, this should be as well, even if it is not traditional make up. But in the off-chance that we accidentally fall asleep in this, I would feel more assured than falling asleep in foundation!
All in all, the creation of Serum de Teint marks the start of high definition skin protectors and perfectors, which actually are good for your skin. Wearing skin like the best foundation just got easier :) xoxo

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