Our Founders


Serene Seah Director

Serene Seah-Ma is the Founder / Director of Freia Aesthetics and e-commerce store Freia247 and the proud wife of Dr. Harold Ma. Prior to running Freia, her career saw her in the investment banking industry for the past 10 years.

Serene has always had a clear passion for skincare products and treatments, in particular focusing on post-aesthetic procedure skincare. She inherently loves helping women and men look their best at any age and at any season of life; with clinically sound treatments; that she individually customizes to suit the individual.

She personally sees to every intimate detail – from designing the weekly floral blooms, to selecting scents, to concocting her own custom-blend massage oils.

Her personal mantra is to help her clients wear their skin like the best foundation.

Serene is on a constant obsessive hunt for cult brands just as Dr. Harold Ma is. They have themselves perfected their formulations over time. Cult brands like Future, Oumere and Valmont; SkinBetterScience, advanced skincare such as Skinceuticals (founded out of decades of skin cancer research) and Calecim are used and carried at the spa.

One of Serene's key traits is getting to know her clients, sharing her own skincare tips with them and growing with her clients in this skincare journey.

"With a solid understanding of what we apply on our skin, can we defy ageing gracefully. My skin today is 10 times better than it was 10 years ago. Indeed, Age is but a number. Come journey with me xoxo"




Dr Harold Ma

Dr. Harold Ma is one of Singapore’s most established aesthetics doctors and Medical Director of Freia Medical (established since 2006).

He has appeared many times on National TV and radio and has been interviewed by numerous National Newspapers. Dr Harold Ma also sits on the Advisory board of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine — which regularly holds training workshops, consensus meetings and formulates guidelines for its aesthetic doctor members.

Dr. Ma has one single-minded obsession to bring out the very best in his patients, every time. His clinic has a special interest in hair transplants, hair loss treatments and skin aesthetic treatments. His input allows the team to deepen their understanding of skin anatomy, efficacy of treatments and reading between the lines of products.