Calecim Multi-Action Cream

Calecim Multi-Action Cream

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CALECIM® Multi-Action Cream is a corrective treatment cream, used underneath your daily moisturizer, that actively works to lift and firm. It actively targets signs of aging such as skin laxity and sagging, loss of facial contours, as well as diminished skin fullness and volume resulting in thin skin. It works to smoothen out deep wrinkles and deep facial creases such as the nasolabial folds. Discoloration is visibly improved. Visible benefits can be observed in as little as two weeks, with optimum results in 90 days.

100% fragrance free (so there is no irritation to skin) and is the choice for eczema prone skin.

The Science: As skin ages, the number of working stem cells falls, and the quantity of rejuvenating proteins they secrete is decreased. Skin repair and regeneration become compromised, and the skin begins to look aged. Signs of aging include decreased skin fullness, skin laxity, crepiness and discoloration.

Multi-Action Cream directs “Youth Messages” in the form of powerful growth factors to help activate the proteins responsible for hydrating and firming. These growth factors, derived from patented umbilical cord lining extract, can target skin laxity and help improve skin fullness.

Multi-Action Cream aids in re-building the skin’s structural layers, while continually renewing the epidermal surface.

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