Future Collection

About Future

Founded in 1993 by Anita Bar-Lev a world-renowned expert in professional cosmetics out of a desire for real and deep skin care. Anita combined extensive knowledge in the biology of the skin and its needs, holistic thinking and folk care traditions from around the world in order to give the skin an authentic and unique treatment that balances the skin and envelops it in materials that work gently and efficiently.


FUTURE is an exceptionally authentic, artisan, indie skincare collection that leverages 5 elements (purify, stimulate, hydrate, nourish, protect) to formulate every single product; to restore our natural skin youthfulness. All this is done through traditional, herbal, natural methods.

The collection of products will¬†balance and treat every skin¬†type to its most healthy and¬†beautiful looks. Our products¬†will give your skin the energy¬†and conditions to return to its¬†true natural beauty. Our beauty¬†ritual is minimalist, smart and¬†effective ‚ÄĒ¬†no need for many¬†steps or products; only a few will¬†take your skin a long way.

The products are manufactured in the family factory, by hand, in small quantities while maintaining an uncompromising quality of quality and originality of the raw materials and marketed by beauticians in Israel and the United States.

All our products are free of perfumes, artificial colours, mineral oils, curtly free, and never been tested on animals.


From Serene, co-founder of Freia Aesthetics:

"This is a 30-year-old brand and its signature formulations still give stellar, gentle, deep performances today. I fell in love with Future for its intimacy (only small batches are produced each time in their family owned laboratories), its highly intelligent approach to building better skin and the plain, simple fact that their products work beautifully and effortlessly. Such a breath of fresh air to today's skincare industry filled with harsh products that don't respect our skin.

Welcome to the FUTURE of skincare..."

Please note that due to distribution agreements, we will not be able to ship these products to United States-based addresses.