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What Makes Future Cosmetics Special?

Future’s approach to skincare is completely different from most brands. They focus is on cutting-edge skin health, restoration and protection. By using extremely potent combination of unique herbs and specialized essential oils, Future’s emphasis is on skin health restoration. And they seem to have found the secret in unlocking real tangible effects with their balance of unique ingredients as thousands of women are swearing by it. 

Future produces limited quantities of their products, which makes them extremely sought-after worldwide. My advice? Grab them while they are still available and keep a healthy supply going for yourself.

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 In essence, Future expects every product to:

  1. Promote healthy, radiant skin that glows naturally.
  2. All products must promote Purification, Stimulation, Hydration, Nourishment and Protection
  3. They must clean epidermal dirt build up and help while purifying skin internally

Future Cosmetics was founded by Anita Bar Ler more than 40 years ago, and it remains as a family business based in Israel. They use only the freshest, pure oils, amino and essential oils. Want to learn more? Read our full coverage on Future Cosmetics Boutique Here

What Future Cosmetics’ Beauty Drops Did For me and How It Might Help You

Future Beauty Drops is the flagship product of Future Cosmetics. It has a herbal and stimulating scent which helped calm both me and my skin — literally absorbing internal tension, stress while gently invigorating my skin with its silky touch.

If you’re familiar with my skincare journey, or followed me on @freiaaesthetics, you’d know I’ve tried many skincare products with all sorts of outlandish claims, but this was the first product that made be gasp with excitement. I finally realised why women were going crazy over this. And let’s just say it was fully justified! You got to try it to believe it.

Artisanal Skincare That Remains Highly Bespoke

Future Cosmetics' line of products comes in limited quantities, and it's all produced in their family-owned labs, making for that truly artisan skincare brand that discerning individuals would appreciate.

The 5 Cornerstones of Future Cosmetics Skincare Products

  • Purification – Cleans both external contaminants and internal toxins
  • Stimulation – actively exfoliates to promote skin cell renewal and build the lymphatic drainage processes
  • Hydration – healthy skin is hydrated and allows for better serum absorption and skin suppleness
  • Nourishment – amino acids, proteins, hydration to nourish skin
  • Protection – creating a barrier on your skin to keep it from environmental damage
Future Cosmetics Golden Touch Oil


Future Cosmetics Singapore Beauty Drops

How To Use Future Cosmetics Skincare Line (Product Guide)

I've thoroughly enjoyed my Future journey - it's been a while since a brand has captured my heart in such totality, as much as Future. Here's what a Future routine would look like:

Step 1: Cleanse

When wearing SPF or any make up, use the ultra gentle, 100% oil free Clear Make Up Remover  to remove make up, dirt, debris. Follow with the 100% soap, SLS free Flash 10 Botanical Cleanser for a deeper, more intensive cleanse. This is a one of its kind product that uses botanical self-cleansing properties to deeply clean skin. Massage it in or leave on for a minute. For sensitive skin, use this only 3 times a week.

Step 2: Tone

A few drops of Lotion Floral No. 2 will give skin a gentle exfoliation while respecting skin’s epidermal structure. No harshness or strong exfoliation. 

Step 3. Applying Your Mask

Exfoliate with the amazingly gentle Mask Heritage – another star product of the collection. With a long heritage of 30 years, this one works on ANY skin – aging, acne, seborrheic, rosacea, pigmentations, sensitive etc. Rinse off after 20 minutes and whatever imbalance you have is greeted with a calm, fresh and bright radiance and glow. LOVE it! I then love to use the other star mask in Phyto Mask No. 2. It purifies, soothes, hydrates – all in one! Maskne, hormonal acne or when skin needs some soothing, hydrating treat, this green clay mask never fails to deliver. Add Beauty Drops or Golden Touch oil for that extra perk! 

Step 4: Applying Serums

OMG, it’s now impossible to imagine life without Beauty Drops! These exquisite drops are pure delight for one's skin and so easy to use:

No. 1 – to soothe, hydrate and protect sensitive, delicate, intolerant skin.

No. 2 – intensive, SOS, hydration and nourishing serum.

No. 3 – a genuine star! This balances skin that has seborrheic tendencies or skin that needs instant healing / recovery post trauma. It’s my skin “medicine”!

You can just use 1 variant on its own OR like me, use two variants on different parts of the face.

Step 5: Using Future Cosmetic Creams

My staples are the “Crème Extremes” – they form the central tenet of Future’s cream collection. Simple yet amazing performance & they smell (naturally) beautiful. Texture glides onto skin like butter with no heaviness or greasiness. Their “numbers” correspond to the Beauty Drops sequence – which makes it SO easy to remember.

No. 1 – for delicate, sensitive skin

No. 2 – for intense hydration

No. 3 – for unbalanced skin - this can be seborrheic or eczema skin 

Step 6: Finishing Serums

I choose from one of 2. Golden Touch oil I use when I want some extra hydration and nourishment. I either mix onto a cream OR use it as a silky finishing oil. Bio-Vital Serum gives an instant plumping effect which I find works the best as a finishing serum after your crème. 

The Future beauty lies in the versatility (to mix and match to suit your skin or to use on its own or in combination with other products) that we have not seen in another brand in quite a while. ENJOY & speak to us on how to achieve that healthy, glowing, glass skin! xoxo

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