All FUTURE creams are a system in itself - to purify, stimulate, hydrate, nourish & protect skin. This is its uniqueness. There are 3 primary groups of cremes:

1. Extremes - No. 1 (sensitive skin), No.2 (dry skin) and No. 3 (unbalanced skin) form the fundamental creams in the collection. Similar to Beauty Drops 1,2,3; they are the perfect complement to the Beauty Drops. Each has a hint of the purest essential oils to give that amazing scent, inviting you to an oasis of calm. 

2. Anti-stress creams - Vino Remedial Omega 3 Cream is an excellent anti-pollution & anti stress cream to awaken skin. Lemuria Phytomarin Cream energizes and revives tired skin.

3. Powerful duo - the "strongest" of the range, these creams have no essential oils and are about performance. Cream Eclair brightens any dull skin with its detox effect, awaking the skin. Cream Mega is an excellent anti-aging treatment for skin that is lack of tonus, wrinkles, weakened elastin. Very calming yet nourishing.