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Freia Aesthetics is proud to partner with Valmont, the very prestigious Swiss skin care line. Typically found in 6 star luxury hotels, we are honored to be one of the few medi-spas in the world to be working with this amazing brand.

About Valmont:

Valmont's forte lies in anti-aging. Its legacy started with the famous Valmont Clinic which offered treatments that gave instant and long lasting results of unparalled quality. Being one of the first skincare companies to focus on cellular research, we appreciate and love the science behind its formulations. True to the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont delved into the very nucleaus of the skin's cells to find molecules with exceptional anti-aging properties: DNA and RNA. A unique and exclusive extraction process allows Valmont to harvest macro-molecules intact and preserving their incomparable regenerative power.

The Science:

The DNA used by Valmont is derived from the sperm of wild Canadian salmon and is highly polymerized. The pure and protected environment of Switzerland provides favorable conditions for the development and manufacture of beauty products. At the foot of the glaciers in the Valais region, at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, Valmont collects water that is pure, gentle and perfectly balanced. Neither treated nor transformed, this Glacial spring water is incorporated in the formulas of their products. A beautiful reconciliation of cutting edge R&D and the taste for tradition that comes from its naturally pure heritage.


The most iconic product of the line is undeniably the creme-masque hybrid Prime Renewing Pack. Created in 1984, one single application of this super soft and nourishing creme instantly transforms skin plagued with fatigue or dullness to one that is rested, radiant and naturally glowing. It's no miracle but the science behind its products that contributes to its stellar efficacy. 

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Freia X Valmont:

At Freia, we believe the best results come from a highly personalized and integrated approach with a thoughtful mix of medical and non-medical aesthetic treatments and products of exceptional quality. With such a stunning line of products, we are committed to educating our clients on how to use the Valmont range with our treatments.

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