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"From the moment this water-based serum touched my skin, it instantly felt hydrated while smoothening out fine lines. Such a delight to use for crow's feet, established lines or to prevent ageing. Skin feels plump, hydrated and soothed!"

This hydrating and firming serum is rich in bio marine elastin protein and honey extract. It improves moisture and leaves skin firm, radiant and fresh. Great for treating sun damage, fine lines and signs of ageing. 

Please note that due to distribution agreements, we will not be able to ship this product to United States-based addresses.

Active ingredients:

Elastin marine ‚ÄstImproves hydration and elasticity, protect the skin from sun damages and environmental aggression.

Honey - Offers moisturising, antioxidant and calming properties and a natural glow and fresh appearance to the skin.


Directions for use:¬†ÔĽŅUse the serum every morning and evening on clean skin. You may also wish to:

1. Mix the serum with Soft Treatment Gel.

2. Mix with Lemuria Phytomarine gel.

3. Mix with every cream and serum to add more elasticity to the skin.


Key Ingredients: Water, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Glycerin, sorbitol, Honey ext, Urea, Magnesium sulfate, allantoin, edta, phenoxyethanol.


Note: This product contains honey. Please avoid using it if you are allergic to honey or hive products. Not to be used on children, and please avoid contact with the eyes.

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