Jump Start your Skincare : When loyalty may not be the best option


While variety is the spice of life, when it comes to understanding your skin, adopt a balanced approach. We witness clients who faithfully stick to the same skincare routine / creme day in day out whilst others have a penchant for rows of 3/4 full products strewn on their vanity top. Either way, we could be unknowingly sabotaging our best efforts. Instead, understand your skin, know which products work and "trick" your skin now and then.

Here are some practical tips from our founder Serene:
1. Keep basics consistent - cleanser, toner and sunscreen are staples. I have not changed in a long while; same goes for UV and sun protection. Regardless of the frenzy, calm or recovering state my skin is in, these consistently work for me to prepare and ultimately protect skin.
2. Give skin a jump start - I do have a range of serums, cremes and finishing serums which I alternate, depending on the state I'm in. 
On "normal days", I push skin a bit more to defy ageing. 
On "recovery" days (post laser, plasma, ulthera, rejuran etc), focus on healing. It's always Calecim Serum - nothing else beats it!
On hormonal days, it's about stabilising and pacifying skin. Full on with Beauty Drops No. 3.
So there, it's no crime to have a variety but it's nothing senseless or over-complicated. Make your products work for you. 

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