My ideal 3-pillar approach to ageing gracefully

Aging is one of those inevitable processes in life - you can't stop it but with medical innovation and technology, you can definitely slow it down. Freia believes in an integrated, holistic approach to manage aging, built solidly on 3 pillars, to give that best mileage.

  1. Aesthetic Treatments - we are so blessed to live in a time where this is readily available to us and what used to be "under-the-knife" procedures can now give the same results as a 30 minute non or minimally invasive treatment done by medical practitioners. Whether it is sagging skin (Ulthera, Threadlifts) or skin resurfacing / pigmentation (Picosure lasers, yellow lasers, Plasma). I call this an effective "fast-track" way to resolving nagging skin concerns that may be (mildly) addressed via years of facials or skincare products.

    facial and spa treatment
  2. Facials - these form a major tenet for good skin health and regular sessions help maintain and improve skin conditions and extend the efficacy of your aesthetic treatments. They get rid of debris, unclog pores, decongest, detoxify and purify and plump it back with potent skin-wonder serums, masques and cremes.

    putting on hand lotion
  3. Skincare - a common feedback for doctor-prescribed skincare is that it can be overly harsh, to the point that it's almost impossible to use anything else. Defying this notion by pairing post-procedure / facial skincare with products that not just get rid of symptoms but actually build better skin, nourish it, empower skin's natural functions to be restored to health. Getting to the root of what your skincare is made of; understanding what it does to your skin, will go a long way in extending the efficacy of aesthetic / facial treatments. 

The practical approach is to budget your spend on skin needs into these 3 buckets; in a proportion comfortable to you. Eliminating one of them reduces that "power of 3".

Stay tuned as we share different aesthetic treatments and their recommended post-procedure protocols.

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