Happy World's Sunscreen Day!

Happy #worldsunscreenday !

Skinceuticals sunscreen

It's been a sweltering few days to say the least. Before you decide to skip #sunscreen thinking it is just too hot and sticky, think again. The sun remains the #numberone skin ageing enemy so when the going gets tough, you must #blockup even more. For me, the choice of sunscreen is absolutely key in sustainability. In unbearable humid and warm climates like ours, opt for a sunscreen that is weightless, greasy-less, ultra sheer, 100% physical and still provides broad spectrum coverage of at least #SPF50 . Time and again, Physical Fusion UV Defense never disappoints. I tried using a richer sunscreen yesterday and by mid day, could not wait to wash it off - case in point. And so, I did remove it and then I put on Fusion and it instantly felt like coming home; that comfortable, breathable, protected and wearable feeling that is still a challenge for me to find a replicate for. Once your sunscreen is wearable, you can put on more - at least a 50 cent size, if not more and wait about 15 minutes before going out. The problem with using one that is richer or (worse still), thinking your #makeup #foundation or pressedpowder which contains SPF is good enough (it is really not), is the less-than-optimal amount you end up using. So you inadvertently miss out spots here and there and coverage is simply insufficient and compromised. Choose well. 

If you are doing air travel, physical proximity to the sun is closer than you think all that thousands feet above ground. UV exposure is so damaging while you are in the air and even worse when you are in a window seat. Always wear a broad based, oil free SPF50 sunscreen while flying.

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